OH&S And Environmental Conservation & Stewardship
Policy Statement

SRC believes that responsible stewardship of the natural environment and occupational Health and Safety are essential for our business efficiency and
Success. Our Aim is to manage all the OH&S hazards and environmental issues associated with our operations, activities and services and to minimize their impact on work place safety and natural environment by adhering to the following principles:
Regularly review the SRC IMS policy documentation, operation activities and associated hazards, environmental performance and evaluation for continual improvement in the Integrated management system as a basis for setting and achieving OH&S and environmental objectives and management programmers, To prevent workplace injury and ill health and work with our suppliers and concessionaries to help in their OH&S and environmental performance improvement as well.
Comply with all applicable and relevant OH&S and work place safety laws, environmental laws and regulations, chemical industry Good practices and other corporate requirements as the primary basis for our OH&S and environmental performance.
Prevent pollution through source elimination/reduction, recycling and reusing and wherever possible treatment prior to disposal minimize environmental impacts by:

  • Designing, operation and maintaining all our activities, operations and services in manner to minimize their adverse impact on environment.
  • Reducing wherever practicable the level of harmful emissions..
  • Minimizing the amount of waste generated and ensuring environmentally safe disposal.
  • Ensuring proper neutralization of liquid effluents being discharged to environment.
  • Protecting flora fauna, marine biota and habitat in the vicinity of our operations by employing safe technologies, operational control and emergency preparedness.
  • Seeking opportunities to improve energy and material efficiency and conservation of natural resources in our operations, activities and services.
    Provide and disseminate our OHSE procedures & information to team, stake holder and interested parties and will train our staff in understanding OHSE management system, as we believe that work place safety, hazard communication and preservation of environment is SRC pvt ltd top Management responsibility.